GEEKcore 2017

20th to 22nd of October at Valby Kulturhus

What is GEEKcore?

Working with different groups in Denmark at conventions we finally decided to band together and create a festival that celebrates the diversity of different geek sub-cultures in and around Denmark. Bringing together groups that work with different focus groups like, gaming, roleplaying, art, comics, cosplay, and moreĀ in the universes we all love and care for.

When is GEEKcore?

GEEKcore 2017 will be held at Valby Kulturhus, the 20th to 22nd of October. We return yet again to our venue of choice and one of the founding cornerstones of geek pop culture in Valby!

GEEKcore hosts a variety of events in and around Copenhagen, Denmark with focus on the culture and community behind geek culture.


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LGND Presents GEEKcore 2017 + Dates!

March, 21NewsNo comment

After much work in the previous years with organizing GEEKcore, organizing external events, and hosting shows in various countries we are ready to take the next step. We are pleased to announce that LGND ApS will be taking over GEEKcore as a brand and have signed an agreement to join in our newly formed company. Continue reading

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Tomorrow we fix our dates for GEEKcore 2017!

March, 20NewsNo comment
Tommorrow we will be meeting with Kultur Valby to talk about the preliminary dates we are setting for GEEKcore 2017, and as soon as those fall into place we will roll out to get volunteers, events, and guests on track! We will be looking forward to releasing dates and the first events in the coming week!
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Welcome back

March, 14NewsNo comment
As we prepare to make GEEKcore great again, we want to help you guys out and make a report about how we did last year and what is going on with the site. We are happy to say that last year we had a good set of focus points for geek culture all on base, but this year we are prepping to take GEEKcore into a specific set of focuses since thats what our guests have asked for. We will be focusing on Cosplay & Gaming primarily for GEEKcore 2017!
Tickets are now on sale, get yours today!