What is GEEKcore

For a weekend a year over we host a weekend where fans of different geek cultures from anime, comics, video games, board games, cosplay, and other amazing fandoms get together to share their interests over a weekend together.

GEEKcore 2017

Date: 20th – 22nd of October
Place: Valby Kulturhus

When GEEKcore Started

GEEKcore started in 2013 as a convention experiment to cross over different interests in role playing, video games, esport, cosplay, geek culture, comics, and sci-fi. Since then we have experimented yearly in Valby Kulturhus to work with our guests to create a singular event that brings together elements of geek culture that our guests wanted to have in Denmark.
While 2017 marks our 5th installment we are super excited to have this milestone arrive as we now have moved GEEKcore out of an experimental phase and are moving into going into the main interests of our guests and work with the convention content we want to deliver to our guests. Our focus on video games, cosplay, and the love of the social aspect at GEEKcore is what we want to pursue, and we hope you will join us.
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Who runsĀ GEEKcore?

GEEKcore is owned and operated by LGND ApS based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded in March of 2017 in order to organize the majority of events, consultancies, and services that GEEKcore and other subsidiaries provide throughout the year. LGND ApS is the only stakeholder in GEEKcore and owns the entirety of the brand.

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