Welcome Artists

We love to celebrate the art enthusiasts in the Danish community and want to make sure that all are welcome to participate in our Artist Alley. Located in the central hall of the event artists offer a variety of handmade creations for sale, including original artwork, prints, stickers, crafts, accessories and more tailor made for geek subcultures, or from the minds of the artist themselves.

We have had some amazing artists over the years, and we are happy to welcome the creativity and talent of them yet again for GEEKcore 2017. If you are interested in participating in the Artist Alley, please sign up below!

Artist Alley Opening Hours

  • Friday 12:00 – 20:00
  • Saturday 10:00 – 20:00
  • Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

Aritst Alley Prices

To purchase an AA table you need to purchase a weekend ticket for GEEKcore and then an additional AA table spot!

Full table 150 DKK
Half table 75 DKK

Artist Alley Tips & Tricks

If you are new to artist alley, or a pro artist we suggest you read this amazing survival guide that has tips and tricks for pro’s and beginners alike! If you have any other questions or want information about the actual artist alley at GEEKcore please check the FAQ below!

If you’re selling sexually explicit material, for heaven’s sakes check ID for everyone. You can get the entire convention into very bad trouble if a hyper-litigious parent brings criminal charges against the convention for selling pornography to a minor because 16-year-old Susie looks 20 and bought an X-rated doujinshi in the artist alley. You don’t want to be the reason that there is no more convention. Any buyer who complains about showing ID is a buyer you don’t want.

– The Artist Alley Survival Guide, Give it a read!

Art by Eccentricity
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Rules & General Information

General Table Information

  • The size of the tables in Artist Alley are 180 x 60 cm each.
  • Tables are prioritized via a first come first serve principle, and we do allow for special placement requests, but we do not guarantee we can accommodate all requests. We will try though!
  • Artists who have signed up for artist alley will recieve a mail with a code in order to purchase their aritst alley ticket via our event ticketing system. (No more bank transfers woo!)
  • 1 person pr. table minimum, but a max of two people in case you want to purchase a table together, same price, however less space!
  • In order to purchase a table together just purchase 1 table, together and there will is a field in the sign up form to ensure you can write who you want to share with.

Set up & Take down requirements

  • Set-up must be complete by opening 12:00 on Friday, however if you are later than that you can just send us an e-mail at Hello@GEEKcore.dk or via our contact page and there will be no issues!
  • After closing on Sunday at 18:00 we ask that you pack up your booth and make sure that you are done with everything by 20:00 latest.

Adult Material

  • Adult material can be sold, but has to be asked for by request.
  • You can of course have a sign that says that you do have adult material, but we ask that you have none showcased as there can be minors at the event, and we wish to ensure a nice healthy environment for them to come around in.
  • It is also up to the Artist to take responsibility if they do sell to underage participants or guests. Artists found to be selling adult material to minors, will be expelled from the Artist Alley or receive a reprimand.

Weapon Sales in Artist Alley

  • If you intend to sell weapons in any part of the expo, knives, or blades, or anything that can be considered a weapon, please mail us via our contact page directly so we can ensure that you have all the permits, and fully understand the Danish law about this.

Reproducing (Copying artwork)

  • Do not use artwork that is not your own under any circumstance. Do not trace, vector, copy, or copy paste in any case artwork that is not your own. This includes:
    • Official logos
    • Symbols
    • Background art
    • Any other existing artwork or images that are not yours.

Table Display Considerations

  • Please think of other artists and be mindful to their circumstances. If you are going to building a rig, or adding extra ordinary displays please make sure you take into account other artists and think about others when planning your table. A little consideration goes a long way!

Signing up for Artist Alley

  1. Read the rules!

2. Fill out the form!

3. Wait for confirmation!

4. Get ready for GEEKcore 2017!