The GEEKcore Cosplay Show

At GEEKcore we have the pleasure of hosting some of the very best cosplayers around, and we have a chance to showcase them for you! Our show is a must for the cosplay enthusiast!

The GEEKcore Cosplay Show

The cosplay show lets the audience take part in the series, that the cosplayers costume Stena from. They bring our favorit characters to life and tell their story on stage. Costumes doesn’t have to be made by themselves, but the performance will no matter what, be a personal expression of appreciation. The judges will take a close look at the costumes beforehand, because the craftsmanship will play a part in the overall judgement.

GEEKcore Craft

In the craft competition, the focus is on craftsmanship. All those hours spent on making the seams look neat or making the perfect paint job will be appreciated in this competition, along with new and creative ideas. The judges will before the show begins look at each contestant’s costume up close, so they can decide the winners of each category. When the show begins, the contestants will walk up on stage and show off their dynamic poses while a host will present their costume based on a short text the cosplayer wrote themselves. Afterwards the judges will hand out the awards, and that will conclude the show.

Cosplay Activities

At GEEKcore we want you guys to have as much fun as possible with your costumes and in character! We will not only be hosting the traditional panels/workshops, but work on making content specific events for cosplayers! Prepare your body!