LGND Presents GEEKcore 2017 + Dates!

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After much work in the previous years with organizing GEEKcore, organizing external events, and hosting shows in various countries we are ready to take the next step. We are pleased to announce that LGND ApS will be taking over GEEKcore as a brand and have signed an agreement to join in our newly formed company.

In the past few years with GEEKcore we have grown with a variety of sub-events and programs that we have established on the periphery of GEEKcore. While our events all were branded under GEEKcore it gave a lot of misconceptions as to where we were working to go with the brand. We decided to provide all our partners, shows, and the festival itself the direct focus that is needed and have created a parent company that helps segregate all our projects neatly.

We want GEEKcore to be focused on GEEKcore. We have decided to fully commit to our guests and directly focus everything we do with GEEKcore to the festival and not divide our attention and therefor our primary team working with GEEKcore will be focused from today in order on the festival itself. We will be sharing more information about the convention in general in the near future, but from now on our focus will be the steady focus of releasing information about the convention at hand.

Date & Venue Release for GEEKcore 2017

Our first piece of news is that we are going to be hosting GEEKcore 2017, at Valby Kulturhus the 20th to 22nd of October 2017. We return to our usual venue as we want to set a new standard we can work from at the venue.

If you have any questions at all about the company feel free to message enquiries@LGND.gg as for GEEKcore questions just head over to our contact page!