Working with Kultur Syd for GEEKcore 2017

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Today we start the process in announcing the first pieces of news for actual event at GEEKcore 2017! To celebrate the fact that we have gotten our first partnership in order for GEEKcore 2017 we will be releasing today, 100 early bird tickets for 200 DKK!

We will be working together with Kultur Syd to bring GEEKcore content to the convention via support form the community. We look forward to working together in order to ensure more great content at the event!

Why we work with Kultur Syd

Working with Kultur Syd has always been something we have been able to do happily, but every year we are super happy to work with them. We work a lot with libraries in the area and host game rooms for youths at different locations throughout the year, and we are happy to give a little back to the community that hosts us when we can! Last year we even donated two xbox stands to Kultur Anstalten Vesterbro to ensure that their game room was properly stocked!