Site Update!

The website is different?

So a little news on the homefront, we have finally gotten through a lot of deals, and can from today on out start revealing lineups, events, and guests! Our site has undergone a inforation update, and some of the pages are currently being reworked. This update is to let you know that nothing has been altered, and everything is as was before the site update! We are just working up some new features, and had to redo the site from the get go.

When will the updates start?

They already have, the places where we have added new information are already online, you can already see the guest page, and we are happy to say that we have been able to announce our first two guests for the convention! Other additions include an event page, and a schedule page (however finishing touches are going into that now).

The next thing that we are working on getting rolling is the cosplay signups! We just finished our dealings with a partner to do something cool, and we will be announcing that shortly!