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Cosplay Categories + Signup Release + NCC

Today we have the joy to get our cosplay segment for GEEKcore running out and announcing some of the first important pieces of news about what we will be offering this time around! We will be starting announcing judges, prizes, workshops, and events in the coming weeks! We have 6 judges selected for this year, and we also have workshops that will be hands on for worbla, pattern making, and other techniques that you might want to learn about!

We have announced our categories for this years at GEEKcore and our special announcement where we have 2 qualifier positions for next years Nordic Cosplay Championship held by NärCon!

The categories we have for this year are: ‘

  • Best Cosplay
  • Best Solo Craft
  • Judges Favorite
  • Best Prop
  • The Doppelganger

Check out our cosplay page today and remember to follow our instagram, for updates from our awesome PR team!