About us

What is GEEKcore?

We are a group of people that work together to create geeky events in Denmark for people of all ages and different interests. We host several activities every year within our events, tournaments, viewing parties, and our festival. The main festival takes place in October and is open to all ages.

GEEKcore is focused on everything to do with the culture of geek fandom, from cosplay, to internet culture, and games. With that have started to grow from year to year, working with great partners overtime like Nintendo, Sony, Playstation, Komplett, Shark Gaming, Monster Energy, Oddset, Riot Games, and cultural institutions in Copenhagen to name a few.

We started out our festival in 2013 and since then have grown adding more events since then. The idea behind the Festival was to create an event that could gather people with different geek cultural interests and have a fun weekend together. Our focus for the festival has been interests in games, cosplay, sci-fi, comics, eSport, and social activities.

Since 2013 we have in the short two years we have been here hosted over 89 events all over Denmark, and even some in Norway and Sweden. In 2016 we aim to grow our events and do even more amazing things together.  

GEEKcinema Copenhagen

Our cinema club started in Valby Kino where we started showing bi-monthly viewings of cult classics like Hackers, Terminator, and Blade Runner on a big screen has been going on for the entire 2015 season.

Good Game Copenhagen

GGCPH is the offspring to our gaming team from the festival and have worked together with different venues to create gaming events, tournaments, and social events where gamers get together to play all kinds of amazing games.

Viewing Parties

Our viewing parties have been around since 2013, one of our main focus areas here at GC we host viewing parties where we watch games from popular eSport from games like, Dota 2, Starcraft II, and League of Legends. We recently hosted one of World’s biggest viewing parties with 2100 people to see the World Finals in League of Legends.

GEEKcore Cosplay

Cosplay shows, and the cosplay community come together as we host shows, workshops, and help shape the future of cosplay with events we host at our festival and at external events. We helped start up various projects over all of scandinavia with great success, and offer live shows with crazy competitions, and also a lot of content from our partners that can help support cosplayers and the community alike.