General Questions about Tickets
Please check the information below, and make sure that you have checked your own calendar to ensure you can come, and make plans with friends before you purchase your tickets!
Weekend Pass

Our weekend pass allows you access from Friday 12:00 until Sunday 18:00 and gives access to all areas of the convention.

250 DKK
Day Pass

Day tickets cover that entire day from opening to closing. Friday from 12:00, Saturday from 10:00, and Sunday from 10:00!

100 DKK
Sleep Hall Pass

We have a special sleep hall ticket which allows you 2 nights in our sleep halls from Friday 12:00 through to Sunday at 13:00.

60 DKK
How to buy tickets online?
  1. Just use our ticketing widget on this page to purchase your tickets!
  2. When selecting your tickets, it will redirect you to Eventbrites homepage to finalize the purchase.
  3. You will receive a email ticket that you must bring with you to GEEKcore 2017.
How to buy pick up your ticket?
  1. Bring your confirmation mail from Eventbrite (printout or via mobile device)
  2. Go to the check-in desk at the entrance of Valby Kulturhus in the lobby.
  3. Our check in volunteers will issue your wristband.
Other information

Questions about Disability

If you yourself, or have someone you are asking for that has a disability then know that they can get access to the convention with a regular ticket. If the person needs a person as an aid, then one ticket will sufice as long as they have their aid id on them.

Children 12 years old or younger

Children that are between 0 - 12 years old (not including 13 year olds) are allowed to join GEEKcore for free. Just make sure they have ID on them if asked for their age at the door, and they can get a free pass for the day!

Refunds & Resale

There are no refunds for purchased tickets, however if you do contact us beforehand we should be able to fix it. Otherwise we do allow resales of tickets and according to Danish law you may only sell the ticket on to the same prices as the ticket prices you purchased it for. Names, and email on tickets are not a required, but once a ticket is checked in at the convention, it will be invalid to pass on.
If you have any questions please use our contact page and get a hold of us BEFORE you purchase a ticket. or go to our facebook group, or page.