We have a few more things going on then just our festival, or community portal! We also host our own events now and again, and you can read about some of the stuff we do in the Copenhagen area below!

Our main community gathers around everything we do and we have a facebook group dedicated to letting everyone talk about issues that are relevant to them, talk about events, or just get into to contart with other fellow geeks! click to join!

GEEKcinema Copenhagen

Since the festival in 2014 we founded a cinema club based in Copenhagen to show old school geek flicks, like Fifth Element, Starship Troopers, Blade Runner, and so on! We wanted to gather and see some of our old classics together, and host bi weekly events currently at Valby Kino!

Our online facebook group that hosts GEEKcinema events in Copenhagen City, here is where we talk to the fans of the cinema and figure out what we want to do in the future in regards to screenings, events, and just social banter! Click to join!


Barcraft Copenhagen

Barcraft Copenhagen has been around for us since before GEEKcore. The bar events focus on watching and promoting Starcraft II games, where we go to bars and watch professional series matches in Starcraft II! Click to join!

Pubstomp Copenhagen

Dota2 is a huge game and we this bar group shows Dota 2 matches when it can! Main focus of the year is always The International! If you want to be a part of the community, join our facebook group! Click to join!

Bar of Legends Copenhagen

Since February of 2013 we have been showing matches from the biggest tournaments in League of Legends history! We finished off with a cinema event for Worlds 2014, and will be kicking of 2015 in January! Click to join!