Copenhagen Comics Cosplay Showcase

In cooperation with Copenhagen Comics which is being held the 6th and 7th of June we have been asked to host a cosplay showcase which we will! This means that cosplayers that want to come and visit this fantastic event can sign up for the show which is on Saturday from 16:00 - 17:00 and will be getting free passes for the entire weekend!

Cosplayers that show up, but are not participating will have to pay entrance fees! So if you want to help us show case what cosplay to others than we hope you join the show!


We have chosen three local judges to take part in the competition whom have a great expertise in the realm of cosplay. These three judges will be selecting participants that will win the categories which you can read below!


Kami Renee puts a lot of effort into portraying different characters. By using make up and wigs she has cosplayed anything from males to cute girls, and she really knows what it means to both look and act the part. She also knows her way around sewing and crafting and has been a judge several times at differet nordic conventions, and also represented Denmark in China.



Oli Mansfeld is an expert when it comes to comic books and superheroes and have cosplayed several himself. With his own workshop he has access to a lot of different crafting materials, and he certainly knows how to use them! Deffinately one of the best when it comes to crafting and not a stranger when it comes to sewing. Every costume he makes is extremely sharp and spot on!



Rinaca is a strong cosplayer in every aspect; she’s good at sewing, an amazing crafter, thinks outside the box and acting and portraying characters comes easy to her. She’s dedicated to every costume she makes and this summer she’s going to represent Denmark in Japan, at the World Cosplay Summit - definitely a top class cosplayer.



Best Costume

For this prize we are looking for the costume with the full package. The details, crafting techniques, combination of effects, props, makeup, and how it’s all put together. We are looking for the costume that is just perfect from top to toe.

The combination of cosplay skill, and abilities really have to come together in harmony to get this category!

Best Prop

We are looking to see who can perfectly recreate cosplay props which in most cases have a personality and character that we can all recognize when playing our favorite games, or watching our favorite series. The prize goes to the person that recreates a prop the best! In case someone else made the prop that is used by the cosplayer, then the prop maker will win the prize. Every detail counts!

The Doppelganger

Some people look a little too much like their characters, so much so that you might even get confused if you are actually looking at the real world version of them! This prizes goes to the most accurate depiction of the character you are portraying on stage. We are looking for a 1:1 true copy of the original character you are depicting. Facial features, stance, and character performance on stage is what we are keeping are eyes peeled for!


Collaboration Allowed

You area allowed to collaborate! If you want to be 10 people to make a costume, and one person wears it, go ahead! We just want to see what you all can come up with! (You’ll split the prize though)! If you want to purchase your cosplay, or come in an already purchased one, then go ahead, all we ask is that you credit the creator so we can mention their work! We want to showcase the costumes, the creators, and sometimes they aren’t one in the same, and that’s okay!

Best Prop

Credit the people that deserve credit. If someone created your prop you should credit them via our participation form!

No fire, no water, no chemicals please! (Here it is again, you can never be too specific!)

Be Safe

No fire, no water, no chemicals please! (You’d think we don’t have to write this, and you’d be wrong!)

You go on stage on your own, so only bring props you can carry up yourself! Our staff are weak and  live off of ramen noodles so they won’t be able to help you bring your 30 kg pikachu doll on stage!

No weapons! No knives, no guns, no airsoft guns that can fire, no crossbows, and if you are unsure contact us. If you bring a weapon that breaks the law, we will bring the law.

Danish Law applies inside the venue, at all times.

Enjoy Yourself

Have fun. We can’t state this enough. We want you to have fun with cosplay, so we want you to relax and support other cosplayers, and just have a good time! If you’re not going to be able to finish your costume, and you are stressing to death, then relax, and maybe just come enjoy the show.

Cosplay what you like!

You can cosplay from any series, show, or the like. Original characters are welcome too! We want you guys to go with what you like, and not feel pressured to do anything game specific! Show us what you got!


Sign ups have closed for the Copenhagen Comic Cosplay Showcase!