What is Cosplay

Cosplay itself is a combination of two words - costume & play. Originally an american phenomena at a Sci-Fi festival the culture rose in the early 90s especially in Japan. Cosplay is the practice of portraying characters by creating costumes, and at times completely identifying as that character to bring them to life. We consider it an artform, and the growth of the culture worldwide has given rise to many talented creators, cosplayers, crafters, prop makers, performers, and we love every bit about cosplay.

The general passion that people put into the cosplays they make, and with their performances during shows or just walking around is only matched by the common expression of love the cosplayer has for the character they portray and those guests that identify with the cosplayers fandom, choice of costume, and talent.

We believe in cosplay as an inclusive lifestyle, and love what cosplay does for the world. It brings passion, talent, fun times, and characters to life, making the world that much more wonderful!

Cosplay Activities at GEEKcore

At GEEKcore we have a primary focus on cosplay, and we have always had great international guests come to our events to help us judge our cosplay shows, host workshops, do talks at panels, and our visitors are also amazingly wonderful cosplay enthusiasts. On Saturday we will be hosting a double cosplay show, have workshops with different materials, panels about cosplay, a talkshow with our judges, and much much more!

The GEEKcore Cosplay Showcase

At GEEKcore we have our show on Saturday that will steal the focus away for those wanting to compete and showcase their cosplay. First off we will be hosting a performance segment, and then we have our craftsmanship segment. For crafters out there we will be selecting two Danish representatives for the Nordic Cosplay Championship at NärCon in Sweden for 2017.

Our event is built to honor cosplayers of all walks of life, so we also host a variety of categories which participants compete in.

We invite amazing judges to ensure a fair and good judging process, and winners are selected by this panel of judges based on the categories we have set up.  Check out the information and see how to sign up, or get informed about our contests!

The Nordic Cosplay Championship Qualfier

We are proud to present two of the NCC Qualifier spots for GEEKcore 2016. During our GEEKcore Cosplay Showcase we will host an amazing craftsmanship show and with the utmost of standards, we will be selecting two participants to be the representatives of Denmark in the NCC held at NärCon in 2017. The focus on craftsmanship is key, and to sign-up and participate all you have to do is check out our Rules & Sign-up page!

There are special rules that apply if signing the NCC so make sure you check our rule page carefully before signing up!


Best Cosplay

Best of the best. This prize is awarded to the one who excels in all aspects of costume making, props and manage to charm the judges on stage too. It’s allowed to work together in teams! We are looking for the best overall compilation of craftsmanship that goes into bringing together the cosplay.

Best Solo craft

Wow our judges with your handicraft and you will take this prize home with you! This is also the only prize you cannot win as a team effort. We focus on the combined cosplay talent of the individual crafters putting together, and showcasing their skillset on stage. You do all the work, and you deserve all the praise!

Judge’s favorites

Each of the judges will also get to name a favorite, somebody who impressed them personally and spoke to them as a cosplayer. Somethings a cosplayer on stage, or an act, deserve a special shout out that we haven’t been able to anticipate. Therefor our judges can honorarily bestow a special honor for those that go above and beyond expectations!

Best Prop

Big guns? Fantasy swords? A furry (or scaley) companion? A wig with its own life? This is the prize for the best prop, an important accessory that makes all of the difference. The art of propmaking has come into its own over the past few years, and we are getting to see more intricate work get showcased. We want to put a special spotlight on props, and their makers with this category!

The Doppelganger

Make our judges do a double take as you pass by. This prize goes to the contestant who embody the character head to toe in look and feel. The Doppelganger is the cosplayer that feels like they have brought the cosplay to life in both costume, mannerisms, and likeness.