The cosplay judges for Copenhagen Games Cosplay Show 2016 have all selected due to their different knowledge bases inside of games, cosplay, crafting for cosplay, and their well rounded representation as great representatives of cosplay in Scandinavia! This year we chose some that have also helped grow their respective communities and represent the best of the cosplay spirit!

Judges 2014

Raptor in Cosplay (DK)
Enji Knight (HG)
Issabel Cosplay & Arts (PL)

Judges 2015

Tine Marie Riis (NO)
Stickweeds Cosplay (DK)
Nimdra Cosplay (SE)

Judges 2016

We chose Addie, because in the recent years she has been improving her cosplay skills at an astounding speed. From the first time we met her we started checkin up on her cosplays, and she has since then begun to do more and more elaborate cosplays.

The details that she has added, and the levels of techniques she has used has in very short time given us the promise that she will be one of the great Swedish cosplayers in the future!

This hasn’t been the only reasoning behind choosing Addie, she has also used Cosplay for good as she has attended several childrens events and used cosplay for good!

Facebook: Addies Cosplay

From Sweden: Addie's Cosplay

Photo by: Photoborg

Photo by: Kenny Hansen

From Denmark: Zarsu Cosplay

When looking for a local representative of the Danish community we went for someone that we knew could keep the standard and understanding of the Danish community at an all time high by choosing to work with Zarsu. Her work with DKos the Danish Cosplay magazine and her knowledge of the Danish scene knows no bounds, and as an avid photographer, and cosplayer she has a broad base of knowledge of the Danish scene.

The choice was simple and we wanted to work with someone that has always held the established principles of cosplay at a high standard, and also been a super resource to help the community in Denmark grow as whole!

We have had the pleasure of looking far and wide for our last cosplay judge, and she has been stepping up her game in Spain over the past few months. We have had Elle Cosplay recommended a lot in the past and we are happy to be able to bring her to Denmark for the Copenhagen Games Cosplay Show!

We were in Barcelona for the ESL Expo Barcelona where we met with her, and she was amazingly candid about how she does what she does, and also why she is a part of the cosplay scene. This fit our goals and standards very well for what we want to do with this showcase at Copenhagen Games, and we are happy to be bringing Elle on board as a judge!

Facebook: Elle Cosplay

From Spain: Elle Cosplay