Just to make sure that people are clear on the rules of cosplay for the show, we are putting them here in writing. We are all inclusive with our shows, as we want to get more people in, so if you bought your cosplay, or someone made it for you then you can join the show! There are a few category specific rules that you should read below though! Note we don’t do strict rules, because we believe that cosplay is inclusive and we want you guys to just go wild here. We limit our rules to ensure you have the broadest possible framework to do what you like!

Enjoy Yourself

Have fun. We can’t state this enough. We want you to have fun with cosplay, so we want you to relax and support other cosplayers, and just have a good time! If you’re not going to be able to finish your costume, and you are stressing to death, then relax, and maybe just come enjoy the show. There will always be another show!

Cosplay what you like!

You can cosplay from any series, show, or the like. Original characters are welcome too! We want you guys to go with what you like, and not feel pressured to do anything game specific! Show us what you got!

Be Safe

No fire, no water, no chemicals please! (You’d think we don’t have to write this, and you’d be wrong!)

You go on stage on your own, so only bring props you can carry up yourself! Our staff are weak and  live off of ramen noodles so they won’t be able to help you bring your 30 kg pikachu doll on stage!

No weapons! No knives, no guns, no airsoft guns that can fire, no crossbows, and if you are unsure contact us. If you bring a weapon that breaks the law, we will bring the law.

Danish Law applies inside the venue, at all times.

No Holds Bar

You area allowed to collaborate! If you want to be 10 people to make a costume, and one person wears it, go ahead! We just want to see what you all can come up with! (You’ll split the prize though)! If you want to purchase your cosplay, or come in an already purchased one, then go ahead, all we ask is that you credit the creator so we can mention their work! We want to showcase the costumes, the creators, and sometimes they aren’t one in the same, and that’s okay!

Best Prop

Credit the people that deserve credit. If someone created your prop you should credit them via our participation form!

No fire, no water, no chemicals please! (Here it is again, you can never be too specific!)

Solo Craft

You must have created the entire ensemble yourself. By this we mean of course, all the tailoring, makeup, styling, crafting, and the like. If you are in doubt if your costume applies, then sign up for the show and in notes under the participation form note your questions!

Our judges will be able to question you about your crafting skills, and techniques before the show! So make sure you are prepared for that, we wouldn’t want to send you in unprepared!

Some help is allowed, getting in and out of costume, glueing stuff on, but the costume must be primarily by yourself!

No fire, no water, no chemicals please! (If someone actually breaks this rule, we are nominating them for the darwin awards!)