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We are happy to announce that we will yet again be offering a cosplay show at Copenhagen Games 2016! The prize pool is 1000 Euros that will be split 4 ways, for our 4 different categories! All cosplayers that sign up for the show will be able to enter the venue for free, and we have some great content for you guys both Thursday & Friday! On Thursday we will be hosting a cosplay talkshow with our judges at 18:00 and at 19:30 we have the pleasure of offering a Theatrical workshop with Josef W. a professional actor that will be able to help cosplayers showcase their cosplays on stage!

Friday is the main day of the show, and also where we will be showcasing all your amazing cosplays at 17:00! So join today, all the information you need is on the site, just follow the menu points in the top, and remember to sign up before Thursday at 19:00!

If you just want to come in and share the experience and check out the convention, then all cosplayers get in for free as long as they have their cosplay with them at the door, or wearing it on their way in!