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What is Copenhagen Games?

Copenhagen Games is a Danish eSports LAN tournament that runs over the course of 4 days in Copenhagen city center at Øksnehallen. The event is the premiere eSports event and hosts a variety of booths, tournaments, and stage shows! The best eSports teams from all over the world attend Copenhagen Games due to the quality and prize pools available in different major video game tournaments and fight it out over the course of the event to take home the big money, and bragging rights!

Why cosplay at eSports events?

Cosplay has always been a part of the video game culture since characters started to be more than a few pixels high. Remember Mario, Luigi, and the Princess? Since then backstories have gotten more expansive, and better graphics have started to entice more and more people to join the cosplay crowd. In Denmark the rapid expansion of cosplay and the growth of different cultures within cosplay gave us a chance last year with the support of Komplett to host a cosplay show at Copenhagen games which was a huge succes! This year we return, and hope that you will come and celebrate the culture of cosplay at Copenhagen games with us!

A great example of the popularity of cosplay has been the recent rise in cosplays from League of Legends, retro games, and with the direct support of the game companies that produce the games it has never been easier to embody the characters you love.

What’s the event atmosphere?

The event is full of youthful people that enjoy their fandom of video games to the extreme. Not only are there professional eSports players, but a variety of guests attend the event to peek into the world that is eSport. With more people joining in every year and a max seating capacity of 1000 people a crowd of hardcore gamers, passionate enthusiasts, and future aspiring eSports stars are all around. There is also a huge stream of everyday danes that pop by the event with their families to check out the free gaming areas, and some come just to see their favorite stars.

Komplett made a video showcasing Copenhagen Games and that atmosphere, and we think you might want to see what the event is all about! The video showcases the event over a few days, and really gives a sense of what the event is all about!