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For the first time we here at GEEKCore, will give you not just one, but two competitions! We have had a little boost after last years interest, and we aim to please.

With two spots for the Nordic Cosplay Championship 2017, the stakes has never been higher, but do not forget about our own GEEKCore Cosplay Showcase either. We are looking forward to seeing all your amazing cosplays!

Common Cosplay Rules

  • Both of the competitions will have pre-judging and you are required to show up for these.
  • No real guns, air guns, swords, fire, liquids and other dangerous items will be allowed on stage.
  • No Confetti, glitter fire/chemical allowed on stage.
    • If you are in doubt about anything mail us.
  • As this is a family friendly competition, minimum levels of modesty is required. If you are worried your costume is too risky, send us an email and we will get back to you.
  • You will be invited to an info meeting Friday, where you will get more practical information. This is also where we confirm that you want to participate in our show. This meeting is mandatory, and only in extreme cases can we arrange individual short briefings.
  • You cannot register for both the GEEKCore Cosplay Showcase and the qualifier for the Nordic Cosplay Championship.


No matter where you are from in the world, you can enter our showcase. This also means your costume does not have to be made by yourself either. You can enter with a bought costume, or if you have gotten a lot of help from your friends/family to make it as well. As long as you show up, look fresh and have fun with us!

Original designs or Self-designs will also be accepted, as long as you can provide us a high resolution reference picture.

You will be judged!

You will get to go to pre-judging and get to talk a little about your costume with the judges. For this you get 4 minutes. We will be keeping the time, so you can just talk without worrying about that. Remember to have fun and enjoy your one on one time with our talented judges!

It’s a Catwalk!

This will be a catwalk show. You will be on stage with two hosts, who will present you and all your hard work to the audience, as you pose like there is no tomorrow. If you want to, we can arrange group walk-on’s as well, or any other special arrangements. Just let us know!

Show Size Limit & Deadline

Sign up’s for the GEEKCore Cosplay Showcase ends as either the 25 spots gets taken, or a week before GEEKCore opens its doors. Please be advised your sign up is not valid until you have gotten an email confirming the approval of your reference picture and other necessary information.


Two cosplayers will qualify to enter the Nordic Cosplay Championship, and represent Denmark at Närcon Summer 2017! The show is one of the largest staple shows of the Cosplay Community in the Nordics!

It’s a Danish Qualifier

As this is the qualifier for the Danish representatives for the Nordic Cosplay Championship, this will be a competition limited to Danish Citizens. This requires you to have proof of residence, if you win!

Maximum Effort

As the Nordic Cosplay Championship is all about the crafting, you must have made everything yourself. If you choose to bring anything crafted by others or that you have brought, you will be required to tell the judges, and they will not evaluate that item.

The Devil is in the Detail

The judges will get up close and personal with you for pre-judging. You will get 6 minutes maximum. We keep time for you, so just come prepared, so you are sure you will be able to tell them about all your hard work. Seeing as this is a craft orientated competition, also be prepared to have the judges walk around you and really get into the detailing of your costumes.

It’s an Act/Skit Competition

As the two lucky cosplayers who qualifies for the Nordic Cosplay Championship will be required to perform on their stage, we will ask you to do a short skit. Nothing big we just need you to show the judges that you have charisma on the stage.

Your performance must be maximum 2 minutes long and minimum 1 minute. It can be anything you want, just be sure you show the judges you feel comfortable on a stage.

There will be a dress-rehearsal.

This is a solo competition, so no group performances. You are allowed an assistant on stage, but they must not be the focus of the performance.

You can bring props and we will have two stagehands to assist you with this. Please be advised you will only have 30 seconds before and after your performance to set things up.

Sign Up Limits & Deadline

Sign up’s for the Nordic Cosplay Championship qualifier ends as either the 14 spots gets taken, or a week before GEEKCore opens its doors. Please be advised your sign up is not valid until you have gotten an email confirming the approval of your reference picture, audio file and other necessary information.

May the odds ever be in your favor!

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