Dreamhack Winter 2015 - Join us for 2016!

This coming weekend is home to one of the worlds most popular digital events in the world, with Dreamhack Winter. A small group from GEEKcore will be there yet again this year to check up on things and get the first sponsorship meetings going for the events we have planned in 2016! For those that have never traveled to Dreamhack we also welcome back the tours that we used to make in 2016 we will be relaunching our Dreamhack Tours from Copenhagen, Denmark to Jönkoping Sweden for both Dreamhack Winter & Summer!

As we travel up this year we look forward to one hell of an event and we hope that you will join us for a trip next year!

Dreamhack has been hosting some amazing LAN finals for the past 2 decades, but in the past few years with the help of companies like Komplett, and Webhallen they have hosted some huge cosplay shows and it seems that next year it will be even more insane! So maybe this is yet another reason for Danes to take the trip to our Northern brethren!

Dreamhack Online