About Me

Hi there!

My name is Allan, and some know me as Eutaku online. I am a Danish event maker I guess, but I also do a lot of other crazy things. I work with cosplay, geek culture festivals, conventions for anime, eSports, and I game. Some of my best work has been being a part of creating Genki, GEEKcore, Heroic, and Waypoint as of recently.

I was born 1984 in Denmark, .and my passion for all things geek started with my Brother whom introduced me to video games. We were lucky to always have computers in our lives, and moving around a lot I got to play a lot of games while we transitioned from city to city. I started playing Counter Strike and when I got to Denmark when I was 15, and played semi-professionally, and professionally where I traveled to Holland, and Spain and played in some major tournaments.

I got drafted to the army at the age of 18 and took a break from my “hobbies” as my parents called it and it wasn’t until I was 23 I went to my first convention in Denmark, J-popcon, and won a cosplay contest category. In 2009 I founded Genki with a group of friends. Doing what I do at this point ment going all in, no normal life, no more ambitions of a 9-17 job and just giving it my all.

Right now I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and I still work with amazing events all the time. I have gotten to the point I host amazing events,  I consult others on their events, and I get travel the world doing what I love. Hit me up if you want to know more!

Event Showcase

Quick Info

Name: Allan
Age: 31
Favorite Pop: Coca-Cola
Favorite Game: Counter-Strike
Favorite Games Platform: PC MASTERRACE
Country: Denmark
Job: Working full time with Events

Brief History

  • 1999 - 2005 Counter Strike Player
  • 2009 - 2015 Found my first convention with a group of friends called Genki until 2015 where I passed on the convention to my friend Victor.
  • 2010 - 2012 Work as manager at Copenhagen Wolves for League of Legends & Operational Director.
  • 2013 - Current Found my second convention GEEKcore with external event consultation as well.
  • 2016 - Current Found Waypoint.

Event Showcase Reel

Here are some of the events I have been involved in directly.

ESL Expo Barcelona Cosplay Show

League of Legends World Finals 2015

Genki 2015 with Komplett

GEEKcore 2015 by Daniel Lange

Komplett Cosplay Show At Copenhagen Games 2015

GEEK'D at GEEKcore 2015