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If you want to get a hold of me depending on what’s best for you just throw a message my way and let’s talk!

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Always feel free to message me @Eutaku

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For FB contact then  write via my page here!

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Feel free to write to me directly at [email protected]

So I am crazy busy like all the time, but I am always looking for new contacts, events, and opportunities!

Event Managment

If you have an event you think I can help with, or you are looking to try to get a little boost with cosplay, gaming, board games, gaming culture, esports or whatever, just contact me by mail. Please send a detailed description of what you do and what your goals are with your event to me. Make sure that you include as much information as possible.


If you are looking for someone that can do detailed lectures on the history of Athens, Greece, then you have come to the wrong place. However if you want someone with intricate knowledge of the gaming scene, cosplay, eSports and it’s growth then I’m your guy. With the audience growth and overall content being put out it’s hard to find people that have been there from the very beginning. I’d love to share my thoughts to those who want to listen.