Guess who’s back!

So I have been out of comission for a while and to be honest a lot has been going on. Now I’m back though!

Hey guys, Allan here. Just a short post to explain that I am back! What happened after Xmas was that I went to Spain for my usual vacation, and ended up getting a few interesting job offers to do some cosplay work, and eSports work in Spain & Washington DC. There was a bit of preparation involved, and that’s why I fell of the radar for a while. Now I am back on point working on my usual projects, and have now fully integrated consulting work into the new structure plan.

So a good update for those of you that haven’t been following, last year was insane, this year has already started out in the same way.  While in Spain right after New Years I established a new Gaming organisation based on Copenhagen called Waypoint. More on that in another post later, promise. Then I got to go to Katsucon in Washington D.C. and got to see Jessica Nigri, Giada Robin, and met the people behind several major American Anime/Comic conventions. I spent some time networking and securing some deals, that i hope I can release real soon!

Off to Spain again where I did a job for ESL (One of the worlds biggest eSports organisations) where I hosted a Cosplay show for them at the ESL Expo Barcelona, and it was intense. I got called up 40 days before the event, with a quick hi, and you come recommended, and it pretty much just took a few skype chats with the good people from the ESL and it was on. The show went pretty great, and I was stoked to have 19 high level cosplayers travel from all over Spain to attend. I was super stoked to see the winners and it made me feel really good that everything went almost exactly as planned.

Then it was off to Sweden to have a meeting and get installed as the Marketing Head for the J-pop convention ConFusion, which is moving back to it’s old venue, and looking really great

Flying from Sweden on wards to Poland for IEM Katowice an event held by the ESL for talks about sponsorships for Waypoint from various sponsors. This event was amazingly awesome. The games, and players were A++ and the only thing that was hard was getting in. Got to fly home on the same flight as Astralis which was nice, I hadn’t seen the guys in a while. We got to drinking at the Twitch after party, and talked about the current state of Danish eSports, which fell back on a lot of angered discussions and required more alcohol.

Came back to Copenhagen and it’s just the start of March and now I have GEEKcores booth for J-popcon to make this weekend and the weekend after we are hosting the cosplay show at Copenhagen Games which is the largest LAN in Copenhagen.

Busy, busy, busy.

I gotta say it’s good to be back, but man is everything taking off. Keep you updated, if you want specific topics covered, just post below and I will get on it! I even started up my Youtube channel again! Time to get some content out there!

Back on Youtube!