Journal March 23.16: From J-popcon to Copenhagen Games

Today is the quiet before the storm day, the last day I get to have a normal tempo, so I am enjoying it, by writing this post.

So life is hectic yet again, adding a little journal format to my blog so I can just smash up a whole bunch of stuff I’ve done since my last entry. This seems to be the best way, since I do a lot all the time. Last week was J-popcon and I went to the event just hoping to chill at the booth and we pretty much did just that. It was fun catching up with everyone again, and seeing the event really upping its decoration game was pretty cool. I think this is the first year since 2007 that I have actually considered the event on point. Imma post about it after this weekend, since I don’t really have time to be all thoughtful on J-popcons side, but it was nice to attend.

Spent some time on Monday at Shark Gaming and talking about future prospects, and with all the kinds of events that we are doing with our gaming org Waypoint we are looking to have to expand that team from 19 people to 20-30 more admins and start rolling out more external events, tournaments, and the like. We are working on a cool collab project which I hope I can launch next week depending on a meeting I have today with some sweet secret partners!


Prepwork for GEEKcore which will be hosting a cosplay contest at Copenhagen Games on Friday. I am looking forward to working with my friend Kami on the show, and everything is in order. Our sign-ups had filled up for the show in just a week which was super cool, and we have some cool people coming too! So to prep today I have to fix a little hotel room for our Spanish Judge Elle Cosplay since I will be going out to pick her up and show her around town and go check out the venue. She’s the monter hunter cosplayer in the cover image of this post btw!  Will be posting some pics on twitter later on tonight!

I met Elle when I hosted the ESL Expo Barcelona cosplay show, and she kinda stood out, really didn’t know too much about the cosplay scene other than what I had talked through with my friend Gale whom runs shows in Madrid, Barcelona, and a few other cities. It was really cool meeting her and when we were choosing judges, Kami actually recommend here from what she had seen.

I am also back to helping out Copenhagen Wolves out a bit with small menial tasks, and wondering what it would be like to get back into the fray of eSports managment again, I kinda miss it. With the long days at the office I have been destressign by playing various games, mainly I’m back in CS:GO actually. So far I’m only MGE since the new ranking system was put out there, but I should be able to get back to Global in a few weeks.

So the plan for the day is to head out to the copy shop at 9 and order prints for Wolves, and Astralis, and then head into town for morning cake and coffee with my friend Ari. Then it’s off to Fields to get some stuff for our cosplay judges for the weekend.

A little update on GEEKcore….

Last weekend me and our team went out to J-popcon and hosted community corner booth and have just been rocking out some new information, like ticket sales opening on the site for the festival for this year! Woop! We FINALLY got one of the main sponsors for our cosplay segment in order and will be announcing that shortly which is also nice, and fixing to get a lot of cool news out.