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Fandom Forum Copenhagen #2

What is FFCPH?

Welcome to Fandom Forum Copenhagen, where people from the entire fandom sphere be it cosplay, anime, manga, comics, video games, tv shows, sci-fi, steam punk, sub cultures, and anything fandom can get together and share their experiences on how to boost our culture by hosting successful events.

Inspired by Fan Events Forum from Canada (Thanks Anime North), we decided to create FFCPH. The goal of this event is to gather convention organizers, event organizers and others to share our knowledge base with each other.

Through a series of open talks we cover issues from Convention organizing, websites, check in, solutions, and hope to touch base with people that want to share their experiences or want to learn more.

Who is the event for?

The event is for old school event veterans, volunteers, future organizers, and even people that have never run an event before in their life. As the FEF put it, “Everyone has something to contribute”  and we believe that message!

Sign up!

How do you attend FFCPH? You simply attend our event on facebook which you can find here.


E-Sport Skåne


Sam S. is the Chair of the Skåne based eSports union which organises events, tournaments, and will be presenting their progress since their launch in April 2015.

E-sport Skåne



Allan P. will be representing GEEKcore as CEO behind the organisation. GEEKcore organises events both large and small over a yearly basis and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Currently the program is under way, we will have more information out shortly as we set the structure for the meeting.

11:00 12:00 Doors Open

We open our doors and arrivals can commence!


23rd of August 2015

Food & Drink

There will be free coffee, tea, and of course water during the whole day. with an assortment of snacks.


If you are looking to contact us directly, please feel free to message us on Facebook, or write to us at [email protected]


We will be hosting the event at Kraftwerket in Valby at Valgårdsvej 2, 2500 Valby.