Dates announced for GEEKcore 2016!

We are happy to announce that we have finally gotten our dates for GEEKcore 2016! We will be hosting GEEKcore yet again at Valby Kulturhus, and this time it will be in the fall vacation from the 20th of October, to the 22nd of October.

So what updates can we give you so far? Patch Notes v2.016

  • Board Games are making a big return for 2016
  • Prices are being lowered thanks to our sponsors Shark Gaming
  • We will be starting a foundation to support more of our community partners
  • Our FabLab will be hosting all kinds of cosplay/creative geek content workshops
  • We will be expanding our Artist Alley content to also showcase our artists
  • We will host more Roleplaying content with focus on LARP and Pen ^ Paper
  • We will be hosting some more arcade game tournaments with focus on games for everyone
  • Cosplay guests will be brought in for this year again!
  • This year around we are looking to focus GEEKcore Festival towards Gaming specific stuff