About Us

What is GEEKcore Festival?

GEEKcore itself is an organisation that helps promote and spread the love for all things Geek! Our festival is a yearly event that we host that brings together the best visitors, to join together in the celebration of geek culture. Be it Cosplay, video games, internet culture, art, comics, and a lot to do. Our event hosts panels, workshops, shows, and brings in special guests. If you feel like joining us then feel free to check out the rest of the site and hit us up on our contact page if you want to work with us!

GEEKcore History


GEEKcore Festival 2013
Komplett Cosplay Show at Copenhagen Games


GEEKcore Festival 2014
Komplett Cosplay Show at Copenhagen Games


GEEkcore Festival 2015

Our focus this year was working with more types of events, and we did that well, now we are ready to move out again.

Komplett Cosplay Show at Copenhagen Games 

We hosted for the second time ever our second cosplay show at Copenhagen Games and a recap can be seenhere.

Super Mega Viewing Party 

Our League of Legends viewing party hosted an event where 2100 people came to Falconer Salen and saw the world finals in the League of Legends World Championship. We have a recap video which you can watch here.


GEEKcore Festival 2016
Copenhagen Games Cosplay Show