Artist Alley

Welcome Artists!

Artist Alley is a place where graphic artists, illustrators and all other kinds of artists can offer you their creations in all different shapes and forms!

The Artists attending offers a variety of different skills, styles and unique talents, and vary within both theme as well as place within the geek-community; whether it be gaming, comics or other.

All of this culminates into a forum where Artists can show off and also sell their amazing creations with other convention-attendees. The sold products can be anything from badges to prints, etc.

If you want be a part of this, just fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you soonest possible!”

Quick Questions?

How do I join the Aritst Alley?

You fill out the form below and we contact you within a few days with your approval.

How many spots are there for Artist Alley? 

Well since we sell half tables and full tables it’s pretty much until we run out of space. First come first serve!

What do I need to sign up and what does it cost?

Just sign up on the form below, and the cost for a half a table is 50 DKK and for a full table is 150 DKK pr. artist!

Fill out my online form.