Step One: Plan your trip!

GEEKcore Festival takes place in 2016 the 20th to 22nd of October, in Valby Kulturhus and getting there is up to you. We have however compiled some information for you that you might need to plan your travels!

Hotels: The closest hotel is Hotel Rossini in Valby, and we recommend that you book your rooms as early as possible.

Transportation: Valby Station is a five-minute walk from our venue at Valby Kulturhus. Here there are many different opportunities with both trains and busses. You can plan your trip at Rejseplanen!

Step Two: Buy a entrance pass

We have tickets for different types of entrance tickets, with these you’ll get what you need in order to attend GEEKcore Festival.

  • Weekend Pass - Allows for access all three days.
  • Day Pass - Allows for access for only one day.
  • Press Pass - Fill in the application here.
  • Vendor Pass - Vendors get their spot here.
  • Artist Alley - Sign up via our Artist Alley page.

Purchasing at the door: Onsite purchases are available as long as we don’t run out of tickets.

Step Three: Have Fun!

Be sure to keep yourself updated on our website and maybe connect to us via facebook for news updates on our page.

Make sure you drink and eat well during the event, its very active would love not to have to fix people during the event.

Stay safe, we have our own security, and health workers, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help!