Festival News

What can we expect at GEEKcore Festival 2015?

Haven’t been at GEEkcore before, then expects shows, cosplay, games, tournaments, parties, and great entertainment. For those that have been with us for the last two years, it’s going to get even better in 2015. As we get ready to release the first guests, and content for the festival here are some of the bits and pieces we have already set in motion so you can get a little bit of insight into where we are with the festival.

Keeping the Good

We are focusing our attention to make sure that the things that are popular not only stay, but get better. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback on our parties, which allow for some of the older geeks out there to get together and mingle. Not only will be expanding our party venue by filling up Kraftwerket as the center of this all weekend, but we will also be adding content to the party +18 segment thanks to our fearless party crew chief Julie & her awesome team.

Deleting the Bad

We have also heard on the constructive critism that we are trying to do too much with GEEKcore too soon! For this your prayers have been heard, we have begun to split the content that we had last year into better to manage segments, f.eks we are establishing the Film Festival as to not have too many time costing activities on top of one another, and looking to host more qualitative panels.

Youtube Guests

We will be adding a special lineup for youtube guests inviting (and soon to be revealed) Danish & foreign youtubers to attend GEEKcore and mingle with the fans. With the rise of popularity of youtubers in Denmark, and in the north we are bringing some of the more popular youtubers, and some you might not know about to the festival to talk about their shows!

Focus on ALL the Games

We recently founded Good Game Copenhagen which is a video game club, and which will be in charge of our game room for the festival. The club is focused already on gathering more consoles, screens, and organizers from now on throughout the year focusing on bringing in the content that everyone wants. We have had people ask for Smash tournaments, classic retro tournaments, fight games, race games, fps games, and we intend to meet that demand. The club has been established with the soul purpose of establishing a fixed game room team that can help out create better game rooms for conventions and for the club itself.

We have also established a team for board games which will be making sure from now on until the convention that there will be more focus on briging board games to the convention throughout the weekend and making sure that you guys can get to chill with other table top goodies like card games, and having a active board game room that you can go to and enjoy games.

On a sidenote: GEEK Film Festival

Last year we hosted a film bonanza at Valby Kino which is a 5 minute walk away from the main venue of Valby Kulturhus, and this year around we will be removing the cinema aspect of the cinema during the festival! We have decided to create GEEKcore Film Festival which is currently under production with our GEEKcinema Copenhagen crew. For more information you can join our facebook group for GEEKcinema Copenhagen and follow updates there!