To volunteer for GEEKcore you can check out the basic information on our Volunteer page, we have all sorts of different jobs to do and in 2015 we had 160 fantastic volunteers!

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Food & Drink

To check out what kind of food and drink you can get at the festival check out the page with information. There is a bit of info about your store and the local eateries here!

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Sleep Halls

If you are looking to come over for the weekend, but lack proper sleeping locations, we have a cheap solution for guests, at our near by sleep hall!

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Practical Information

For information on opening hours, venue locations, maps, and transport information check it out here!

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Rules & Policies

An overview of our rules, weapon rules, cosplay rules, house rules and all in one nifty page!

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Anything Missing?

If you see any information that is missing or you want to ask us something directly then use our contact page to get a hold of us!