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The Year that Passed

With the last major event behind us of 2015 we want to thank everyone that came out to one of our many events. But first read about Bitcoin Revolution here. We put 2015 behind us and set our sights on 2016. Here are some of the things that are going to happen. We hosted 19 events throughout 2015 and had 189 amazing volunteers for all our events throughout the year that made it all possible, thanks to all of you!

2015 to 2016!

GEEKcore for some is a festival, for others a viewing party organisation, a GEEKcinema experience, or a sponsor in a time of need.

In 2015 we helped a team get to the Finals at League of Sharks and take home the 1st place in Denmarks biggest League of Legends tournament. We held the biggest viewing party ever in Falconer Salen, a first for Danish eSport.

We hosted an amazing Festival in Valby Kulturhus, with our partners Valby Kultur in order to get casual gaming, and geek hobbies a home on Danish soil.

Our cinemas screened movies that desverve more love on the bigscreen like Hackers! We hosted various cosplay shows at other events like at Copenhagen Games, and Copenhagen Comics, and we are super happy to have brought in so many new amazing partners!

2016 marks the year where we re-organize in order to better service fans of our different events. will become a hub for the various events, and so will our facebook page. We will have dedicated sites for each event, and hope you follow the changes here!

Venues are being set!

We are done with the preliminary negotiations for events in 2016, and we have 3 GEEKcore events coming up! Information about events, sleep halls, and locations for GEEKcore 2016 events will be released as the new subpages are released!

Even More Viewing Parties!

The Viewing Parties we started back in 2013, are getting even more popular and with the huge success in Falconer Salen we are moving to do even more with the VP scene in Copenhagen!

Even More Guests!

We have already gotten contacts for the first guests for GEEKcore 2016, and will be looking to get more hardcore guests like you asked for! Suggestions from guests like you on our GEEKcore Community Facebook page have been taken into consideration for Welcome to Night Vale, prolific cosplayers from around the world, and video game enthusiasts like Markiplier are on that list!

Thank you all for coming out to all our events, we hope to see you next year!