Getting your tickets

We would love for you to join us for the best by fans for fans geek convention in Denmark! You can purchase tickets for GEEKcore in advance and your purchase will be valid for the days that you purchase. Your purchase will allow you access to the event, the activities, tournaments, and all our other activities.

What do do when you have purchased?

When you arrive at the convention we expect that you bring your ticket for the event with you! Printed, or via your phone. In case you forget or by chance haven’t gotten the tickets with you then we allow pick up if you bring valid photo identification! Valid forms of photo identification are passport or a drivers license.

There will be a check in at the lobby of Valby Kulturhus where you can pick up your entrance wrist band for the days, and the sleep halls. It will all be at the same registration desk, so don’t worry about having to find multiple spots!

Ticket Policies

  1. Purchases are final and non-refundable.
  2. Ticket sales are allowed between guests, however you can not according to Danish law (and being nice people) resell tickets anywhere for anything above the asking prices we set.
  3. Use tickets promotionally without permission! We are more than happy to help, but we have encountered organisations promoting our event tickets as an “added” cost to go to other events.

Ticket types Available

3 day Pass - 200 DKK for entrance for the entire weekend
Day Pass - 100 DKK for entrance on specific days
Sleep Hall Pass - 60 DKK for a spot in our sleeping halls

Purchase here!

Step 1.

Read the information on the site and make sure that your dates are open for the convention the 21st to 23rd of October!

Step 2.

Purchase your ticket below, we use Eventbrite and it will take you to a different site so you can fill out your purchase order!

Step 3.

Get ready for the event! Check regular updates on our site, and facebook page and make sure you have your trip planned out early!