Volunteer Requirements

If you are thinking of volunteering for GEEKcore then try to go through our requirement list here! If you have any questions feel free to catch us via our contact options!

  • You must be 15 years of age
  • You must work a minimum of 12 hours for the covention
  • You are expected on time for your scheduled shifts
  • Everyone is expected to keep GEEKcore harassment free! We expect you to report any incident to your team leaders if spotted
  • Everyone is expected to be ready and able to preform the job duties required by your team during the convention

Who are we looking for?

We love are looking for people that want to contribute to the community! The types that the festival usual attracts are those that want to bring their own work ethic to the event and help create a better event year after year for the guests.

Creative & passionate people work at GEEKcore and we try to make sure there is room for everyone. The different teams have different roles to be filled, and if you are wondering what you are good at or want to try something new then we can help. We especially focus on giving new and young volunteers the chance to try something new and our expectations are set together. If you might want to hear how it is to work then feel free to talk to other GEEkcore volunteers and guests on our facebook group!


We try to provide perks for all our volunteers and we have a few things we try to make happen for you!

  • Volunteers get free food!
  • Sleep hall spots
  • Influence in your team

How to sign up for a team

Step 1.

You go to our staff site called Shinra.

Step 2.

Create a user on the site, and read team descriptions there.

Step 3.

Write a application for the teams that are of interest for you. Team leaders will review them and accept or deny them so write good descriptions!

Step 4.

Wait for your response, and when you are accepted into a team, contact the team leader and go have fun!

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