Our event wouldn’t be possible without great partners, sponsors, and supporters! We want to thank all them here, and you can read about their contributions to our event below!

Main Partners

Riot Games

Riot Games created the game League of Legends and all the good that has come with it for eSpors. We are happy to be partners with them to create this unique once in a lifetime event with their support. Not only have they provided swag, personal contacts, networking help, but invaluable contacts in order to make this happen.

Riot Games Online

Shark Gaming

Shark Gaming has helped us by offering financial contributions, giveaways, and event stands to entertain guests at the event. One of the major gaming pc makers of Denmark they showed us support from the very beginning and are a major contributor to the event.

Shark Gaming Online


Billetlugen have provided us with free marketing, PR, and went above and beyond to ensure that ticket sales could start a lot earlier thanks to their set-up! We are happy to also receive free entrance support for the event from them!

Billetlugen Online


Team Solomid

Team Solomid contacted us after we opened via their Danish branch manager and offered us limited TSM swag to do a giveaway. They will also be giving us some promotion in and around Denmark! Thanks guys!

TSM Online

eSport Skåne

The gaming association from Malmö wanted to help Swedish guests come to the event, and they are handling PR, marketing, and reselling tickets for Swedes for us! Due to the cost of the bridge they secured a deal with us to help provide cheaper tickets which can be bought via contacting them on their facebook page.

eSport Skåne Online